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Watch movement number: 7002

Watch serial number: 001170

Production date: Oct, 1990








Kamis, 20 Mei 2010


SEIKO diver 150m

7002 dan 4205 (SEIKO diver 'mini')

Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010


About Pronto...taken from legal website!

PRONTO is one of a few elite labels that have enjoyed over 100 years of wonderful rich heritage. Since Mr. Leon Maitre in Le Noirmont in Switzerland founded this remarkable brand in 1890, it has gone on to represent elegance, Swiss heritage and the human spirit encapsulated in each beautifully crafted timepiece.

Over the course of its history, PRONTO have made a significant number of landmarks that firmly established the label as one of the more prominent Swiss brands of the century. An example of this is during the early 1900’s, PRONTO introduced the world famous Tropic Master and Submersible collection. In addition to this they also brought innovation and quality to the market by introducing mechanical automatic movements with the finest materials for watchcases. Shortly after the Second World War, PRONTO entered into the China market and it was not long before they were within the top 20 of the most well-known brands.

Now after many years at the top, PRONTO will be re-launching the overall brand with a new strategy and positioning for this year. As well as keeping in line with their previous values we will also be highlighting all their classical styles, tonneau shaped design and engine-turned dial. Furthermore, PRONTO will be launching their first ever ladies collection that will include ‘rolling stones’ into the design. And for men, they will include designs with round cases, which all will be unveiled at Basel 2006.

All in all, PRONTO is looking at 2006 with a brand new vision and goal. Firstly, they wish to reaffirm themselves as a strong market leader within the industry. Secondly, they want to combine contemporary and classical design for a new generation of watch lovers who demand high quality Swiss timepieces at an affordable price.

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